Explore the Maya app to follow Menstrual Cycles

Menstrual cycle tracking apps, available for both Android and iPhone (iOS), are helpful in managing the menstrual period and taking care of women's health.


These software tools have various features that assist in monitoring menstruation, such as a calendar that predicts the start and end of the cycle, insights about the cycle's regularity, and health guidance.

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There are also versions that provide educational information for those who menstruate. Below, find a list of five apps that can be used on both Android and iPhone. 

It's important to note that even with these tools, maintaining regular visits to a gynecologist is essential for routine check-ups, diagnoses, and treatments for potential medical conditions.

Maya App

Maya makes tracking the menstrual cycle and associated symptoms simple. It also helps monitor mood changes linked to the cycle and other health markers, such as weight and temperature. Access to the app is through registration and is password protected. After entering data from previous cycles, it describes the phases of menstruation and predicts the fertile period automatically. It also allows recording libido, weight, height, and creating reminders on the phone.

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